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Web+Center for Dummies.

Internet Software Sciences Newsletter #126 – November  2014

Tech-Talk from Internet Software Sciences President Scott Vanderlip

Web+Center for Dummies is a combination of installation guide, user guide, getting started guide, power point training and programmers guide to help get you up and running with an efficient Web+Center help desk.  Here at Internet Software Sciences we realized that few Web+Center users ever read our increasingly complex user guides so we decided to create this lighter guide to help users get comfortable and efficient with our software without all of the details.

If there are additional topics and sections you would like to have included in this guide, please email our documentation folks at and it will be included in the next Web+Center for Dummies edition.

Here are some sections in the book that might interest you:

  • Never-Discovered Features of Web+Center
  • Web+Center Guru
  • Putting your business on-line with the Web+Center Business+Center component
  • Explore the software!

Probably our biggest, simplest recommendation we have for our users is that there is a lot more functionality readily available with Web+Center if you take a hour or two and explore the administrative and configuration level options in the Tech+Center and peek at the other apps (Business+Center, customer and tech mobile components) with our on-line version 8.0 sandbox try-it site.  It’s always available, never a risk to your own site and data.

Happy Ticketing,

Sincerely, Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences