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Web+Center 8.0 is production.

Internet Software Sciences Newsletter #112 – March 2014

Web+Center 8.0 Production

Web+Center Version 8.0  is now production.  It is available for download or upgrade from your current Web+Center version.  Check below for upgrade requirements.

What’s New!

This version is our largest version upgrade ever, by offering two brand new applications specifically for smart phone and tablet users while offering significant upgrades for the existing applications.  To bring some piece of mind, it’s all 100% upgradable with your current Web+Center databases and your users (both techs and customers) should have  no problems navigating the changes.

With Web+Center version 8 upgrade, you can maintain your investment in Web+Center and start your mobile (smart phone or tablet) presence into your IT support organizations and customer service.  Your techs and your customers will love the new mobile options to create, submit, update, and manage support tickets from the convenience of their smart phones and tablets.

Partial list of the new features

  1. New mobile application for technicians called Tech+Mobile for techs to track and manage support cases from smart phones and tablets
  2. New mobile application for customers called Customer+Mobile that is very similar in basic functions to the Customer+Center but designed using a cross mobile web-based platform.
  3. Text Messaging – SMS Notification messages to techs for alerts, and SMS options to send messages directly to customers and technicians
  4. Customer Account Management – A complete customer account management set of options to more fully engage the customer with their account information with assets, cases, invoices, and customer custom fields and account information.
  5. Enhanced Asset management – New features to create a robust and integrated asset management system for your organization or business.
  6. New and advanced models of rule based case auto-escalation – New rule based case auto-escalation options
  7. New reports for time spent billing and options for expenses
  8. 100% of the source code allowing you customization options to build the optimized business solution for your organization or business.
  9. And Much more!

Upgrade options:

Web+Center version 8.0 be downloaded from our Products/Download page.

To upgrade with your data from a previous version, you must be:

(1) A Web+Center license user who has purchased 3 or more tech licenses
(2) Has a current support/upgrade renewal.

If you are currently a free (2) tech user and wish to upgrade to Version 8.0 with your current Web+Center data, you must purchase a minimum of a 3 tech license key ($300) and the annual support for 3 techs ($100).

If you have already purchased license key but are not current with your support contract, you must first renew you annual support for licensed number technicians.  If you are unsure of your support/renewal status, please contact Internet Software Sciences by Phone at toll free 1- (888) 949-0942 or 1- (650) 949-0942 Los Altos California, USA or by email at

Download today!

To download Web+Center Version 8.0, simply visit our DOWNLOAD page on our website and complete the form.   Please submit any issues via our on-line support page  or via our mobile support ticket page!

Test it on-line now:

Web+Center Version 8.0 is now production and available for immediate testing on our test site.   Click on any of the application links below to test any of the (7) Web+Center version 8.0 applications.

Version 8.0 Web+Center suite of  applications

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We are excited to release our next version of our product that allows for complete backward compatibility with your current Web+Center installations.  We hope you will check it out too. Version 8.0 offers totally new mobile user interfaces for customers and technicians while still supporting and developing familiar full screen browser applications for laptop or desktop users.  Web+Center’s affordable and comprehensive suite of products for help desk, customer support and self help, sales CRM,  business invoicing, and asset management, coupled with unlimited customization options allows business to create the optimum business solution.


Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences