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Time for Open DNS – Faster and more secure.

Sample OpenDNS error when attempting to reach questionable sites

Open DNS – One of the most critical components of our Internet experience today for both safety and speed is our choice of an Domain Name Server (DNS) service.   Most DNS services simply resolve the addresses without making any “smart” and timely decisions about  the reputation of the IP addresses it is providing with resolving.

When we type in “”, that URL has been to “resolved” instantly and securely  by a DNS server somewhere in the world.  A single complicated webpage may have 100 different URL’s to resolve before the page can be fully rendered, making the time and security of each and every name resolution important for speed and security.

Typically In the past, the Internet Service Provider that provides your Internet connectivity will offer a Domain Name Server service as part of their service that you program into your routers or maybe you host your own Domain Name Server.  Comcast, ATT, etc all have DNS they configure your router with for DNS services initially.

Open DNS is a company that offers free, enhanced Domain Name Server services making your DNS  lookup faster and more secure.
The FREE Open DNS server is an  option that can be easily configured  when you set your network settings to use their Domain Name Server IP addresses of

  •     Primary
  •     Secondary

Additionally, they also provide other subscription based DNS control options to handle other security, parental monitoring, site blocking for education and other functions that can be best controlled at the DNS level rather than at some browser add on or firewall level.  Check their site for many other OPEN DNS options.

Google offers similar DNS service themselves call Public DNS.

Google’s Public DNS can be configured when you set your network settings to use the Domain Name Server IP addresses

  • primary
  • secondary

To get a perspective on the differences between OPEN DNS and Google Public DNS, check out the 2009 Blog article written by Open DNS CEO David Ulevitch

With increasing Internet security issues and our reliance on Domain Name Servers to direct us to the sites we think we are wishing to reach quickly, the open DNS approach is an important but simply step we can implement in our IT environments.

Conclusions:  Researching and implementing a smarter, faster and more secure DNS (and FREE) in your IT environments  is something  well worth the time rather than just using the default DNS provided with your ISP.   Tell your peers about Open DSN and Public DNS and of course the benefits of the Web+Center Help Desk!