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Pocket+Center. Mobile Web+Center access for support technicians.

Pocket+Center is designed for the iPhone and other smart phone browser devices

Pocket+Center is a scaled-down and re-engineered Tech+Center interface for smartphone devices running a web browser. This optional, included component allows technicians using a smartphone to log into the Web+Center application and perform most of the important tech functions such as customer searches, updates, case tracking, management, and calendar functions. This allows for real-time remote access to the Web+Center application with a handheld device.

Pocket+Center Features:

  • Web-Based Interface – Scaled-down Tech+Center application which is easily navigated on a mobile or smartphone sized browser.
  • Customer Database – Create, update and search customer records.
  • Asset Management Database – Create, update and log cases for particular equipment.
  • Case Record Database – Create, update, track, manage and search case records.
  • Multi-Criteria Case Search – Perform complex case record searches without a knowledge of SQL.
  • Integrated Email – Numerous automatic email notifications for customers and techs can be sent when a tech updates a support case using the Pocket+Center.
  • Security – User-Id/Password and other security features are included to prevent un-authorized access to the site and database.
  • Calendar / Scheduler – A complete group event calendar and scheduler is included.
  • Internationalization – All of the label text can now be completely internationalized for use in any language.

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