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Pop Technologies keeps their IT customers informed and supported with Web+Center.

Web+Center Client focus – Pop Technologies – New York City

Pop Technologies, a Managed IT Services company in New York City,  was looking for a responsive help desk and ticketing system to put their IT customers in the drivers seat of their increasing complex IT infrastructure and resources.” Command and Control of every client asset is critical to delivering transparency with every relationship we have. Web+Center gives every one of our clients the ability to seamlessly  review and retrieve every last detail of their IT assets in one centralized location. This includes passwords, upgrade status, internet providers, hardware and software, computer resources and more. “ Robert Cohen, CEO, POP Technologies

Web+Center supports Pop Technology clients with:

  • Extensive web-based ticketing options with automatic notification options
  • Frequently asked questions to solve commonly asked questions or issues
  • Options for customers and techs to track, manage and update support ticket via mobile devices or full screen browsers

Web+Center  informs Pop Technologies clients with:

  • On-line access to their IT support resources, licenses and 3rd party license contracts
  • Other Pop Technologies customer account information, support levels and expiration dates

Transparency for your IT systems and resources even with Managed IT Services company
When companies out source their IT services to IT manage support companies, companies still want to have a clear understanding of their IT systems with access to their contracts documents with Internet providers, software and hard vendors, computer resources, other associated companies, and providers that make up their IT systems.

Pop Technologies has re-engineered the  Asset Management component of Web+Center to provide clients access to important documents and systems account login information.  This allows for better transparency of the companies IT resources that are being managed by POP Technologies.  In the event that a company decides to take it’s manage IT services job to another vendor, the clients IT resources are clearly defined allowing an easier migration to another firm.

Most companies have acquired their IT resources (computers, licenses, firewalls, software, cloud and hosting services, Internet service providers, etc) over time and the contracts, documentation, account access, and configuration information is probably scattered over a bunch of emails and paper documents in binders in different places.   When signing up with managed services company like POP Technologies, a complete catalog  of their IT resources is created with Web+Center allowing both technicians and the clients centralized, easy access to their resources. This centralized catalog of IT resources makes it easier for both the company and managed IT service provider to keep current with renewals, upgrades and replacements costs or evaluating alternatives.

Customers accessing their account information with Web+Center customer account management options

Once customers have logged into the Customer+Center portal, they are presented a single drop-down list of options.  One of those options is to “View My Assets“.  This provide a list of assets (computers and system accounts) for this customer.

Figure #1 – View my Assets Screen

Clicking on the Details link on the Asset and System Account page shows

Figure #2 Drilling down to specific asset – Account Information

Scrolling down on the same Asset and System Account Information page gives the full credential details.

Figure #3  – Credentials Information

Pop Technologies Cloud Based Web+Center installation
Pop Technologies required an highly reliable, Internet based application allowing customers access to the system without overly complicated security logins.  Each Web+Center cloud implementation is a unique code and database instance which is 100% customizable (full source code access available) .  This model provides for a predictable platform without continual forced and un-planned upgrades and changes that impact other Help Desk vendors with shared Cloud based ticketing systems.

Conclusions – Managing your IT services in house is becoming increasing difficult for smaller companies and firms due to the complex nature of today’s demanding and interconnected IT systems.   Smaller companies and firms really require the expertise of a group of seasoned IT professionals.  Gone are the days when you could get by with a staff member spending part of their working day supporting the IT resources at the company or organization.    Managed IT support companies like POP Technologies use Help Desk and customer account management systems like Web+Center to provide affordable and cost effective managed IT services and the expertise you need to keep your IT systems and resources humming.

To learn more about how your Managed IT services company can use Web+Center to start putting your IT customers into drivers seat, please contact Internet Software Sciences at  Toll Free (888) 949-0942 or email to

To learn more about Pop Technologies and their services or to contact them directly, please visit the Pop Technologies Web Site.