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Newsletter 87: Web+Center Version 7.5 Production – Upgrades and downloads now available. April 2012


OverviewWeb+Center Version 7.5 has finished its Beta test phase and now is officially production. It can be downloaded from our website or tested on-line from various links from the ISS Home Page.For existing users wishing to upgrade, please review the various upgrade options listed below. To contact Internet Software Sciences for the upgrade files, instructions and scripts, please email ISS at: or contact by phone at(650) 949-0942 or toll free (888) 949-0942 (9-5 PM Pacific Standard Time).If you are upgrading from version 7.0 to 7.5, a zip file will be provided to replace all of the new files in your existing 7.0 application folder. If you are upgrading from 6.0 or another previous version, you will be installing a new complete version and upgrading the database. Please contact ISS for complete upgrade options and strategies. We have worked with many organizations on their upgrades and want to make sure you have a successful strategy for upgrading that does not impact your current Web+Center production system.Upgrading Policies and Costs

  • Licensed Users with current annual support/upgrade contracts – FREE upgrade script available – Contact ISS to obtain instructions and scripts.
  • Licensed Users without current annual support/upgrade contracts – Annual support contracts for your licensed number of technicians must be renewed first – Contact ISS for support renewals options and pricing.
  • Free 2-Tech or 3-Tech Web+Center Users with previous versions 5 or 6 must purchase a minimum of 3 tech licenses ($300) and the annual support ($100) to obtain the scripts necessary to upgrade their Web+Center data to version 7.5 from a previous version.
  • New installs (without database upgrades) of Version 7.5 for 2 techs are FREE.
New Web+Center Version 7.5 Features 


What’s new in Web+Center 7.5
The primary new features include:

  • Asset Management – A more complete set of asset management and reporting functions are now available. These include:
    • Expanded asset search and report/export options
    • New asset configurable categories/dropdown fields in addition to regular single line text boxes
    • Options to search asset database and set multiple asset values based on selected criteria
    • Enhanced tool to allow importing of assets from CSV files
    • Ability to attach files to asset records
    • Ability to email asset information to users
    • Option to search and delete assets with selected criteria
    • Customer asset search and reporting tools
    • Asset field auditing record options
  • Project Management – One can now define “Projects” which are a collection of support cases. Projects features include:
    • Defining project members consisting of techs, customers and other users
    • Defining estimated project hours and estimated project expenses
    • Defining project members for project notification messages
    • Associating cases and sub-cases to a particular project
    • Attaching files (documents, spreadsheets, etc) to collaborate on the project
    • Viewing project history and sending notification emails to project members
    • Bar charts showing project cost-to-date versus estimated budget cost-to-date
    • Separate expense fields with quantity and tax rate option directly integrated in the support case ticket

One can evaluate the Web+Center Version 7.5 on line at: