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Newsletter 85: New Web+Center 7.5 features.

New Web+Center 7.5 features
Web+Center version 7.5 includes new functionality in the area of Asset Management and Project Management. Listed below are some of the details and screen shots of these new features.

Asset Management
Some final changes are being made to Web+Center Version 7.5 Beta. This version has several new features that are helpful for the next area of automation that is sorely needed at most companies and organizations – Asset management and inspections.

Companies today allocate significant resources to purchase new computer equipment, but barely have time to document their assets in an efficient way that could be used for tracking those resources and planning future upgrades and repairs. Most organizations have a simple Excel spreadsheet file listing computers and resources which does not allow for notes or support issues that can be tracked in a multi-user environment against that asset.

Web+Center has offered an asset management tool for several versions, but version 7.5 has additional features that allow for:

  • Configurable Asset “Categories” in addition to simple text box fields
  • Options to attach files to asset records and send asset information emails
  • Asset Search options to create brief, detailed, and report views to export results or to Excel/CVS files.
  • The search result screen displays numbers of support cases associated with that asset
  • Ability to create an Asset Search report URL query which can be saved and emailed to other users
  • Enhanced field audit feature to record and log any changes to the asset fields


Asset Search Page showing Results View Options

Asset Search – Report View showing results and email able URL Asset Query

Project Management

In addition to asset management and asset inspections enhancements, the project management features allows one to use Web+Center to track, budget, and manage larger projects that contains a collection of cases, each with billable hours and expenses. The best way to test this new feature is to go to our on-line demo version and log into theTech+Center Application and click on the “Projects” button in the button panel.

Project Resource Reporting Page

Case billable time and new expenses features

Test On-line Version 7.5 Beta
You can test version 7.5 on line or it can be downloaded for installation on your own servers. Once it has turned production, upgrade scripts will be available to licensed customers who have an current support renewal contract.