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Newsletter 84: Happy Holidays from Internet Software Sciences. December 2011

We look forward to another year of providing you and your organization with effective software Help Desk solutions and other web-based applications.

At the end of each year, we carefully re-evaluate our product offerings, clients and their evolving requirements and the general direction of our software development. This year, we have found that “more” in terms of software is not always best solution for many of our clients. Although we are continuing to update and expand our Help Desk offering, we are designing the software with web-configurable options to disable and hide features until they are needed and activated. We are getting close to releasing Version 7.5 which includes a new set of Project Management features, Expense Recording,  expanded Asset and Facilities Management features, and much more.

One of the core strengths of Web+Center is that it is designed to be a Simple and Free / Affordable Help Desk Solution and this new approach will allow customers to enable features as they increase their use of our product and wish to automate more processes with our Web+Center solution.

Already many clients have multiple instances of Web+Center running,  reaching beyond IT support into facilities management and other trouble ticket applications.  We are continually being surprised to hear about new uses for our software.

We hope our Web+Center application will continue to provide a solid, configurable, help desk solution that you can continue to upgrade while expanding its value within your organization.

Best wishes for you and your organization for the coming year.

Scott Vanderlip
President – Internet Software Sciences