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Newsletter 83: Summary of Web+Center Version 7.5 Beta Features.


Projects Management screen for Web+Center

Web+Center Version 7.5 Beta is now available for testing on-line or downloaded and installed on your own server. The primary new features include:

  • Project Management – One can now define “Projects” which is a collection of support cases. Projects include:
    • Defining estimated hours, estimated expenses
    • Project members for project notification messages
    • Associating cases and sub cases to a particular project
    • File attachment for project history
    • Project History field and notification emails to project members
    • Bar charts showing project cost to date versus estimated budget
    • Separate expenses fields with quantity and tax rate options directly integrated in the support case ticket
  • Asset Tracking/reporting – A more complete set of asset management and reporting functions is now available. These include:
    • Expanded asset search and report/export options
    • New asset categories options
    • Better integration of Cases associated with assets

One can evaluate the Web+Center Version 7.5 Beta on line at:

It is available for download for evaluation purposes only from our Downloads page. Production versions and update options will be available soon.

Please contact Internet Software Sciences if you have any questions about the feature or migration options.