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Newsletter 82: Summary of Web+Center Help Desk Suite.

Web+Center is a suite of 5 web-based applications including Help Desk, Customer Self-Service, Sales CRM, Graphical Reservations, and support for smart phones and pocket devices.

Web+Center is unique in the industry by offering:

  • Free 2 tech versions that do not time out and are not limited by number of cases or customers
  • An out of the box solution but still providing the complete source code to enable customized applications
  • An Industry-solid application used by over 80,000 users world wide in almost every type of IT support organization.

The 5 Web+Center applications include:
A customer support web application that allows customers to register themselves, create a support ticket, update and check the status of their own support cases. Customers can access a product specific help desk that is created automatically as support cases are solved and documented by support staff. You can create a customer self help portal with the Customer+Center with the knowledge base keyword search options and Frequently Asked Questions features.

A very comprehensive yet easy to use support staff web application to effectively create, log and manage support cases entered by customers or by other support staff members. Applications include extensive case search capabilities, case routing and priority functions, administration functions, support dispatcher status availability screen, complete integrated asset management component and more.

A Web-based Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system, Web+Center users can now easily integrate sales/contact business processes with customer/end-user support requirements sharing the same customer database and support management system. Business+Center features include customer and contact record logs, email distribution options to send emails to select customer/contact groups, and contact rep coordination management.

The Reservation+Center is a web-based media equipment reservation system. It is integrated with the Web+Center customer database and allows customers to log in and make their own media equipment reservations from an on-line graphic catalog of equipment. Administrators can track and manage reservation requests and graphically view reservations.

The Pocket+Center center is a scaled-down and re-engineered Tech+Center interface for iphone and smart phone users with a browser-enabled phone or pocket device. This component allows users to log into the Web+Center application as a remote technician and perform most of the important tech functions such as customer searches, updates, and case tracking, management, and other calendar functions. This allows for real-time remote access to the Web+Center application with a handheld device.