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Newsletter 78: Web+Center Version 7.0 Beta Release. March 2011

Web+Center version 7.0 is finally ready for beta testing and will be released as production shortly. This version has been carefully developed over the past 2 years with feedback and feature requests directly from current Web+Center users. After listening to users tell us stories of other software upgrade nightmares, we have designed this new version with the following criteria in mind:

  • All existing features and interfaces will be consistent with the previous version
  • Upgrades can be done in a way that will never jeopardize your existing production system
  • More features is not necessarily better. Simplicity and functionally complete is often a better model for software.

New Features in Version 7

  • Options to create support cases from an incoming email (Email To Case)
  • New Facilities management functionality to perform, record and process facilities asset inspections more effectivity.

Web+Center Version 7 Beta Evaluation options
Version 7 can be evaluated on-line or by Downloading an installable version of the product on a windows server. Click HERE to try on-line testing.

Web+Center’s version 7.0 suite of 5 applications can be tested online at:

Web+Center Beta User Feedback

We are looking for user feedback on the new release so comments and software issues can be reported through our regular web-based support site or feel free to contact us directly by phone at 1-(650) 949-0942 or toll free 1 (888) 949-0942 by email at

Once the software has finished it’s beta cycle of testing, we will mark it as production and have upgrade scripts available for users who are paid licensed customers for 3 or more technicians and also have a current support and upgrade contract. Please contact Internet Software Sciences if you have any questions about your support and upgrade status.