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Newsletter 69: How to become an authorized Web+Center reseller. May 2010


Are you a satisfied Web+Center user and in a position to resell and offer Web+Center installation and customization services for other customers? Internet Software Sciences offers several partner programs for Resellers, System Integrators and 3rd party Vendors and we always welcome new partners and integrators. There is no fee to becoming an ISS authorized resellers or integrator, and we will list your contact information (company name, contacts, phone and website addresses) for free on our web site once you have reviewed and signed our Authorized Reseller Agreement and returned this signed agreement back to us by postal mail. Maybe you are already helping another customer install Web+Center in their environment? Sign up now to be become an Authorized Web+Center Reseller and received 25 percent commission on the sales that you have initiated.

We already have 15 authorized Web+Center resellers and system integrators in the US as well as resellers in Canada, UK, Eurple. Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and the Middle East.

For a complete list of Authorized Web+Center Resellers Click on the Partners link on our website. If you have any questions about reseller program, please contact us.