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Newsletter 64: Web+Center in South Africa for Jeppe High School for Boys.

The Web+Center IT Help Desk provides mission critical IT problem tracking for a wide variety of schools and colleges that span the entire global. Recently a Web+Center support issue put us in touch with the IT director of the Jeppe High School For Boys in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was kind enough to write a short article about his school and how he uses Web+Center for his IT organization. If your school or organization isn’t using Web+Center yet, pleaseDownload or Evaluate on-line the Web+Center application to see how you can easily put some process and priority into your IT organization today.

We hope you enjoy the article and click on the link to the Jeppe High School for Boys to learn more about the oldest school in Johannesburg which dates back to 1890 but is maintaining its extensive IT infrastructure using state-of-the-art methods and procedures.


Scott Vanderlip
President Internet Software Sciences 

Jeppe High School For Boys

Article by Danilo Radulovic
IT Administrator
Jeppe High School for Boys
Tel: 011 614 1938 ext 211

Web+Center at Jeppe High School for Boys
Jeppe High School for Boys is Johannesburg’s oldest public school having been established in 1890. Recognised as one of South Africa’s Top 20 boys schools, the defining characteristics of the men it produces often centre on the principles of loyalty, honour and friendship.

Whilst many Jeppe pupils have gone on to become captains of industry, famous politicians and international sportsmen, it is the ability of the school to shape the characters of boys into men which is its greatest success.

Catering for about 1000 students and 75 staff members, the influence of IT can be seen in almost everything that is done at the school. We encourage all staff members to have a laptop as we have been moving towards being a completely IT driven educational institute. Smartboards are systematically being introduced into all classrooms as well as full campus wireless coverage. Two internet cafes have been installed in the hostels to provide internet & printing access for hostel students.

Web+center was utilized to aid in my day to day tasks. Being the IT Manager for the school, I was in charge of over 200 computers in total. It became a nightmare to maintain all the workstations as there was no formal method for logging queries. We have an “IF ITS NOT LOGGED, WE DONT TOUCH” policy in place at the school. All staff members are required to log queries through the “One Step Ticket” method. This was initially used in order to have the system running as soon as possible, but now it is the only method that staff members appear to understand.

Web+center allows me to address issues on a “First come, first serve” basis as well as keep a record of cases. This was crucial when asking the governing body to hire a second technician as I could justify my need or an extra pair of hands.