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Newsletter 62: Web+Center Support for Mobile Devices including iPhone.


Pocket+Center menu
running on iPhone/iPod-Touch
The world of applications on the iPhone and the iPod Touch and similar mobile device browser-based applications are evolving daily. Web+Center is now one of those applications ready to run on current compatible mobile browsers. The Web+Center application called Pocket+Center was designed exactly for these mobile devices web browsers. Recently, we updated the Pocket+Center code and interface to better support specifically the iPhone and iPod-Touch devices with their Safari browser and “Viewport” META tag that perfectly maps the Pocket+Center application into the iPhone / iPod available screen resolution.

Pocket+Center history
In 2003, the Pocket+Center was originally developed for Pocket PCs running Windows CE. The Pocket Browser provided an interface for Techs to access the Web+Center help desk application via the limited real-estate on that screen. The design philosophy of the Pocket+Center application has always been to adhere to standard HTML browser compatibility functions rather than a specific vendor’s mobile device browser standard. Now that most mobile device web browsers support a higher level of common set of HTML, the Pocket+Center is proving to be compatible with most of the mobile devices out there.

To scale the Pocket+Center display and input screens properly for the iPhone, a very simple code change has been incorporated that detects use of the Apple Safari mobile browser and then conditionally adds the “Viewport” META Tag within the Pocket+Center HTML “HEAD” section.

Design Directions and feedback for other mobile devices
We next plan to explore other mobile devices that are currently revolutionizing the market and need your feedback on the importance of being able to run Web+Center on your mobile device. To help us design our mobile device strategy for our next Web+Center release (Version 7.0) or possibly provide incremental updates to our current version (Version 6.0), please take this quick on-line survey. This survey will help us decide how many users are migrating toward mobile devices as a solution for Technicians and/or Customers in the future, and what applications or components could be enabled for deployment on a mobile device platform.

For those Web+Center users who are not yet utilizing the Pocket+Center application, you can view the current updated Pocket+Center Version 6.1 application on-line using an iPhone or iPod Touch device by going to the Browser URL of or you should have the Pocket+Center application installed on your own server that is available at http:///pocket60/

Upgrade your current Pocket+Center to better support the iPhone
If you wish to grab the latest updated Pocket+Center application code changes and replace these files into your PocketCenter and Langauge folders, please click on each of the program FTP links below from our version server and upload the respective files into the appropriate folders as specified. Please back up any files you currently have before replacing them with these newer files in case you have customized these files.(Verison 6.X compatible only).

PocketCenter Directory Files

Note: Please delete the default.htm file in the Pocket+Center as the default home page for the Pocket+Center which should now be default.asp.

Language Directory Files


We continue to look for your input to help Internet Software Sciences design the most stable, cost effective and technology appropriate Help Desk in the market today. Your input regarding our next mobile browser technology decisions is a crucial part of that design process. If you have any special, immediate mobile based Web+Center application requirements or issues, please feel free to call one of our design team members at 1-(650) 949-0942 or contact us by email at