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Newsletter 61: Your 2010 News Years Organizational/Company Resolution? – Get Organized!. December 2009

Have you or your Help Desk organization made any New Year’s resolutions for 2010 concerning the efficiency and processes of your Help Desk?

Almost every day we get calls from organizations that still use a paper based approach for ticket creation, tracking, dispatching, closure, and billing. All of these organization have the necessary Internet and networking infrastructure to be able to implement a web-based trouble ticket system, but just haven’t take the moment to pause from trying to drain the swamp and spend some time implementing a truly more efficient way to process support requests. Almost any support system out there will offer better accountability, reporting, accuracy, dispatch features, knowledge base searches and a host of other advantages than a manual paper based approach to managing the support requests.

If you are already using Web+Center, maybe 2010 is the year to explore some of the other applications within Web+Center to help streamline and promote collaboration between sales, support and business parts of a company.

The Web+Center application has been carefully developed over the past 10 years and evolved using input from existing users who needed new or different functionality. This user input design-driven approach has produced a product that satisfies functional requirements without being overcomplicated. It is both stable and customizable and provides a robust solution that users continue to use year after year with few, if any, issues.

The Web+Center product has evolved into an increasingly comprehensive application where it now offers a complete start to Finish IT shop solution offering:

  • Customer self-service ticket creation options
  • Efficient support-staff tracking, management, dispatching and reporting options
  • Suite of business options to track billable time and create invoices
  • Customer surveys to get feedback on organizational responsiveness and operations
  • Extensive reporting features to enable analysis of support organization strengths, weakness, and where resources are being allocated
  • Asset tracking of resources coupled to customers and support tickets
  • Integrated calendar feature that integrates with Outlook
  • Pre-sales customer contact management features for contacts and business development.
  • Advanced features like Integrated Active Directory customer logins and file attachment options.
  • Remote Control bundled with the application for windows remote control.

Make 2010 the year to get organized. Take a Test Drive of the Web+Center Help Desk by downloading the application onto your own servers or review the various Web+Center suite of applications directly on-line without any registrations to view the Tech+Center Help Desk or the Customer+Center self help portal with login options, FAQ and knowledge base search options and case creation/update features, or the Business+Center Sales / CRM utility to run the business side of your help desk organization or the Pocket+Center for accessing the Web+Center Help Desk on portable, phone based browsers or the Reservation+Center.

Our free (2) Tech License is the same version of the software that we sell for $15,000 for unlimited techs and this free version is unique in the industry. Our prices are very competitive for the degree of functionality we provide bundled within the Web+Center Suite of applications.