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Newsletter 59: Other Web+Center based applications and re-licensing options.

The Web+Center Help Desk and its simple, customizable code has been modified, re-licensed and sold as various other products for a variety of applications. Listed below are some examples of how Web+Center has been modified and special licensing agreements have been created to solve a particular application requirement or business opportunity. Please contact Internet Software Sciences sales group at by phone 1-(650) 949-0942 if you have a project where you wish to incorporate the Web+Center help desk into a custom application for resale or a use outside of the standard Help Desk standard product use.

Case Study #1 – Physician Verification/Locator Systems

PVS Doctor Verification/Locator System Screen Shot
A few years ago, Internet Software Sciences was approached by a hospital that used our Help Desk product for their IT department support operations. They wondered if we could develop another system for them that would help to reduce the costs of creating these personal doctor verification letters that are required by insurance providers before payment is made. The previous process required that a customized letter stating the doctor’s specialty and contract dates and status with the hospital be faxed to the insurance provider. Each of these customized letters required a look up into a database of contracted doctors and filling in parts of the letters and faxing the information to the insurance companies.

With some customizations to the Web+Center Help Desk, we were able to build a web-based application that could provide this functionality for hospitals that would allow insurance companies to directly obtain a verification letter on-line from a current database of doctors and their status as maintained by the hospital. This system, which we call our Physician Verification System or PVS is now in use at several hospitals and has even being expanded to provide a doctor locator function where the public can search for doctors and other health providers by specialty or other search criteria. Please contact ISS if you are interested in a similar solution for your health organization.

Case Study #2 – Hosted Help Desk Systems for Higher Education
Back in 2001, we licensed a special version of Web+Center to a large fortune 500 company who went on to customize their own variation for their hosted Help Desk application that they could resell as part of their suite of on-line campus applications. This company was merged with an even larger company and continues to grow each year now offering applications and solutions for colleges and unversity customers world wide.

Looking to build, customize, or resell an application based on the Web+Center application, please contact Internet Software Sciences to discuss license options and obtain technical support for your project. We look forward to working with many of you in the future on these Web+Center related projects.