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Newsletter 55: Web+Center Linux ASP environments.

Web+Center is currently designed, developed and tested for both Windows and Linux server platforms. It has come to our attention that the vendor (Sun Microsystems) that provides the ASP web scripting engine for the Web+Center application for our Linux implementation has plans to discontinue support for their ASP (Active Server Pages) product in 2012.

For more information on this status, please review the Sun Microsystems website Sun Java System Active Server Pages 4.0 information page.

Many Web+Center Linux systems already exist and will continue to work fine but future ASP scripting engine upgrades and updates and support by the Sun Microsystems component of our product will not be possible in the future.

We would like now to poll the Web+Center Linux community to see if users know of other Linux ASP based scripting technology products that we can use to migrate our Web+Center product while maintaining our ASP based model that also works with Windows ASP technologies. We are evaluating all options at this point to continue to support Web+Center on the Linux platform.

We are continuing to develop our Web+Center application under Windows and Linux and perform tests to confirm that any updates to the Web+Center application are also Linux and ASP compatible with the current Sun 4.01 version of the Sun One ASP application. If you know of other products or have suggestions for our development team here for the future of Web+Center running under Linux, please contact us by sending an email to Internet Software Sciences at or call (650) 949-0942.

Thank you again for selecting Web+Center for your Help Desk Solution and we look forward to hearing from our Linux User community on this important issue.