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Newsletter 47: Web+Center Monthly License Key Rentals; Tracking Assets.

New Web+Center Monthly License Key Rental Options

Times are very tough for almost every organization that we work with from industry, education, non-profits and government entities. All of these organizations across the board have seen a dramatic drop in budgets to spend in IT projects. Not only have budgets being cut, but budgets are now also much less predictable than in previous years. With companies and organizations shrinking and changing, the size of your IT staff may decrease or increase from month to month, making it very difficult for an organization to commit to purchasing a software license for a specific number of technicians.

New Model of renting license keys
To accommodate these difficult times, we have added a new licensing model that allows one to “rent” Web+Center license keys on a month by month basis for the number of techs in your organization. There are no startup fees, or minimum number of months or required number of technicians to start this program and you still host and customize the application on your own servers.

The License Key Rental program features:

  • No startup fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No minimum number of months
  • No minimum number of technician licenses
  • Monthly Pricing includes support and free version upgrades
  • You continue to host and control/customize the application on your own servers
  • You can increase or decrease techs licenses as needed

To get started, contact Internet Software Sciences and order a Web+Center Rental License that will permit your organization to run the Web+Center application with the desired number of licenses for as many months as you specified in your order. Listed below is the pricing for the Web+Center License Key rental options.

Web+Center Help Desk Product Pricing
Maximum number of Tech Support Staff Monthly
Rental (US Dollars)
2 Techs or Less – Version 6.0 / Unlimited Customers No License Needed
3 Techs – Version 6.0 / Unlimited Customers $11/Month
3 Techs or Less – Version 5.0 / Unlimited Customers No License Needed
4 Techs – Small Business Edition / Unlimited Customers $21/Month
5 Techs – Enterprise Edition / Unlimited Customers $47/Month
6 Techs – Enterprise Edition / Unlimited Customers $65/Month
7 Techs – Enterprise Edition / Unlimited Customers $83/Month
8 Techs – Enterprise Edition / Unlimited Customers $102/Month
9 Techs – Enterprise Edition / Unlimited Customers $120/Month
10 Techs – Enterprise Edition / Unlimited Customers $166/Month
11-24 Techs – Enterprise Edition / Unlimited Customers $16/Tech/Month
25 Techs – Enterprise Edition / Unlimited Customers $350/Month – Unlimited Techs
Unlimited Techs – Enterprise Edition / Unlimited Customers $450/Month – Unlimited Techs

We are offering this model of Web+Center licensing in addition to our current license key purchase options and soon plan to release a 3rd completely hosted option for those wishing to have a hosted solution. Contact Internet Software Sciences for complete details.

Tracking Assets using Web+Center
By John Lane, Technology Coordinator – Software Support for Special education

I work as the network administrator for a small company. Our company develops software for administering special education for K-12 schools in Illinois. We are also responsible for providing support and training for the software as well.I was first introduced to Web+Center by two IT professionals in the healthcare field. I was amazed by how they tracked their equipment inventory and handled helpdesk calls through a slick web interface. I immediately saw a useful way to track assets for the network I manage.

I started researching how to use Web+Center for my software and hardware inventory. I was really impressed with how easy it is to customize the forms. I eliminated unnecessary fields and added custom labels as needed. I was able to modify field sizes in the database. The default settings were not long enough to hold the product keys for some of the software we use, but adjusting them was easy. I was also able to key default values into fields so that cells would not be blank when exported to a Microsoft Excel file.

With these settings, Asset Tracker really shined. It is instrumental for us during software audits and hardware planning. For instance, we were looking at upgrading two workstations in the office. Asset Tracker made it obvious which machines warranted replacement and what software should be updated.

Web+Center is a terrific tool and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of asset management or helpdesk software.

Article by:
John Lane
Technology Coordinator
Harrisburg Project (
Software Support for Special Education