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Newsletter 38: New SMTP Email Options For Web+Center Notifications.

Internet Service Providers, and DSL/Internet Connectivity providers continue to re-write the rules daily on how we can get and send emails. Providers often make these changes without notification to their users and we often find our emails lost or blocked or web applications (like Web+Center) no longer successfully sending out notification emails.

Spam prevention services, port blocking, anti-virus programs, secure SMTP authentication requirements, relay restrictions, changing standard SMTP port numbers, and many other factors may stop important Web+Center email notifications from being delivered to customers and technicians. Most of our support calls for Web+Center are a result of external changes in a client’s computing environment.

With Web+Center Version 5 and Version 6, we are using a licensed 3rd party ASP mailer that allows for customizable parameters to handle many SMTP related changes.

To support these changing SMTP requirements, we have modified one Web+Center file that defines the parameters to change SMTP port number and or use a different type of SMTP authentication. We recommend that all version 5.0 and version 6.0 users upgrade and replace the ( file in the language subdirectory. Having this file on your system will simply enable some new SMTP options in the future but will not change your current method of SMTP emails for Web+Center. Future downloads will have this new file version for both version 5.0 downloads and version 6.0 downloads.

Links are provided below to upgrade to the latest version of that file. In this new version of, there is a code customizable section that allows you to define

  • SMTP port number (default is 25)
  • SMTP Authentication Login Methods including:
    • Standard AUTH LOGIN
    • AUTH NTLM(Secure Password Authentication)
    • AUTH MSN

Click this FTP link to download and replace your existing file for Version 5.0Version 5 File Update

     – FTP Download

Click this FTP link to download and replace your existing file for Version 6.0Version 6 File Update

     – FTP Download

These customizable parameters can be found around line 296 in the Version 6.0 file and around line 195 in the Version 5.0 file. Before replacing this file, always back up and rename the current file incase you have made customizations to the file.

In addition to the above options, there are some further additional SMTP options available with our ASP mailer. Documentation on these other parameters can be found online at:

Conclusions: Internet Software Sciences continues to upgrade it’s Web+Center suite of web-based application to fit today’s Internet and Computing environments requirements. Within a month, we will be announcing a new integrated – remote control featured for the Web+Center help desk, allowing for more efficient customer support for your IT organizations. Shortly we will also be officially supporting Microsoft VISTA and the IIS 7.0 platform with new install documentation.