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Newsletter 34: WebReporter – 3rd Party Web+Center add-on reporting tool available separately from BXS. July 2008

A 3rd party Web+Center reporting tool will soon be available for purchase. This separate, add-on reporting tool will be available from BXS distributor Natpoint. This reporter tool runs as a separate web application and queries the web+center database for a variety of detailed and summary reports. WebReporter is an automatic reporting solution that links seamlessly with Web+Center, creating online reports for all data recorded in the Web+Center database. The general reports are created quickly, and more detailed information is made available through the drill-down and drill-through options. It is easy to use, versatile, quickly implemented, flexible and fast to deliver. It is fully browser based, so anyone with the appropriate permissions can use it from any location.WebReporter contains a set of predefined reports. These are:

  • Case base reports – simple, detailed and summarized
  • Technician based reports
  • Customer reports
  • Statistic reports, by month, quarter, year and categories

All the standard reports can be easily modified for your own use, and brand new reports can easily be created, using WebReporter’s versatile editing options – WebReporter operates at 4 different editing levels, ranging from interfacing with your Web+Center database to the way you want to see the final details.

The reports generated by WebReporter incorporate automatic graphics which can easily be exported to an Excel worksheet. You can set the permissions for each user through a simple interface, which can even allow for your customers to see reports on their individual activity.

WebReporter was developed by BXS, a developer of web solutions based in Ramat Gan, Israel, to answer the growing need from their customers for a web based reporting solution. Rather than create a reporting tool specifically designed for their existing product range, BXS developed a stand alone, versatile, web based reporting tool, which works with any application based on:

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
  • MSDE
  • AS-400

WebReporter is a robust, flexible and easy to use tool, ideal for decentralized organizations, which will fully interface with just about any database application. Since its development, WebReporter has become BXS’s leading product, and is being used by customers from different industries, with a large variety of database applications including ERP, e-commerce, banking, and more.

Customer Success Story 
An electronic devices distribution firm needed to enable all staff levels to create reports and find live information easily. They also wanted a reporting tool for their customers.They installed WebReporter as it met their three main report requirements: Flexible, web based, Low training overhead

At the first stage, they used the pre-defined reports, and very quickly more advanced users started exploring the tool’s capabilities, and creating reports that weren’t included with the package.

Their internal staff and customers rapidly learned how to use the drill-down and drill- through options to receive the detailed data they needed, some learned how to edit the reports themselves and customize them for their specific needs, and some went as far as to create their own tailored reports.

After three months, WebReporter completely replaced the company’s old OLAP system, but most importantly, it allowed customers, staff and managers to base their decisions on live data, enhancing their decision making processes and responsiveness.

Article by: Michael Glass
Director  – Natpoint Ltd
Edgware House 389 Burnt Oak Broadway
Edgware, Middx HA8 5TX
T: 020 8951 0050