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Newsletter 25: Exploring the Reservation+Center; Web+Center User Spotlight – Prestonwood Baptist Church. August 2007

What can the Reservation+Center do for you and your organization?

The Reservation+Center is the perfect application to help automate the request, approval and notification process by utilizing the efficiency of a web based application that can be easily accessed through the Internet.

The Reservation+Center is a true reservation system that only allows equipment / facilities to be reserved from available inventory and does not allow over booking of resources. The graphical catalog interface allows customers or admins to easily make reservations requests that can be processed for an administrator approval and email notification process that is all built into the application.

See Reservation+Center in action.

Although the product is called “Reservation+Center”, it has been designed to serve a wide variety of reservation requirements. It can easily be used for

• Media Equipment Reservations
• Room Reservations
• Playing field and space reservations
• Many other uses…

How does the Reservation+Center fit into the Web+Center Suite?

The Reservation+Center is integrated with the Web+Center Help Desk/Sales CRM Solution Version 5.0 and uses the same customer database and several of the administration functions for admin and customer accounts. It must be purchased separately from the Web+Center Help Desk and there no free evaluation versions available for download for this component.

Web+Center Help Desk Version 5.0 can be Downloaded or evaluated on-line.

Web+Center User Spotlight – Prestonwood Baptist Church

By Richard Sahadi, Computer Services Helpdesk Manager – Prestonwood Baptist Church

Prestonwood Baptist church located in Plano,TX is one of the largest churches in the world. The IT support staff consists of 10 full time technicians to support all of the various operations of the church including a K-12 school, Cafeteria, Sports & Fitness Center, and two bookstores. Prestonwood has over 600 employees and has around 1000 Windows Desktop computers and 150 Mac computers.

We choose the Web+Center product for our IT support operations because it is web based so our techs can manage tickets from a PC or a Mac, the INET Sciences technical support has helped us customize the ticketing software to meet our needs, and the support costs are affordable compared to other popular ticketing systems.