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Newsletter 22: Web+Center Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) support portal.

One of the most powerful and easy to use features of the Web+Center product is its functionality to easily post FAQ and knowledge base articles on the Customer+Center support portal.

Most end users are comfortable with quickly scanning a list of frequently asked questions or FAQs from a support portal to efficiently find answers to common problems. The Web+Center help desk supports a mechanism to easily post/edit and delete FAQ articles. We use the Web+Center Help Desk for our own support portal and make extensive use of this FAQ feature to post important support articles concerning the Web+Center applications for our thousands of uses.

As an example of a Web+Center FAQ, Click HERE to view Internet Software Sciences FAQ support page.

Follow the steps below to create your own FAQ support portal using Web+Center.

  • Step 1: Using the Web+Center support case fields for a particular case, fill in the case “Summary field” with the FAQ title and fill in the case resolution field with the detailed FAQ information. If you wish to include a link, an image or other HTML formatting in the FAQ, you must use the “double” HTML tags like << tag >>. If you wish to show HTML source, simply put it into the article and it will be converted to show the HTML tag characters instead of interpeting them.For example, to provide a link to the Google website from within the FAQ article, insert the HTML link into the Case Resolution form field in the following manner:
    <<A href= >> Google Website <</A >>
  • Step 2: In the Tech+Center application, click on the Reports button. (Note: Some Tech levels can not see the Reports Button)
  • Step 3: Click on the Edit FAQ list link in the middle of the Reports page.
  • Step 4: Enter the case number of the case that you want to add to the Customer+Center FAQ list.
  • Step 5: Define the display order of the case. This feature allows one to control where on the FAQ page the article appears. More important articles and more current articles can be easily defined to appear at the top of the FAQ list.
  • Press the Add to FAQ list button.
  • Step 6: To delete a case from the FAQ list, press the Delete link in the Delete From FAQ List column. This does not delete the case but it only removes it from the FAQ list.
  • Step 7: One can easily add a link to this FAQ site from another website page referencing the page: http://hostname/customer50/TopTen.asp where hostname is the local hostname or full domain name and customer50 is the virtual directory for the Web+Center Customer+Center application.
  • Step 8: Customers can access the page by going to the Customer+Center home page and clicking on the “FAQ” button.