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Newsletter 16: Web+Center User Spotlight: Virgina Regional Medical Center.

User Spotlight: Virgina Regional Medical Center

– By Thomas LeTourneau

The Virginia Regional Medical Center delivers healthcare services to the local community in the rural area of Virginia, Minnesota. Together with recently acquired subsidiaries at other remote locations, the Medical Center operates 83 hospital beds and 116 nursing home beds with 20 servers, 220 workstations, 320 named users and an IT staff of 5.

As the Virginia Regional Medical Center IT systems grew and the hospital acquired subsidiary organizations in the local area, so the management of its healthcare network became an increasing challenge. After searching for a help desk solution, and looking at many vendors, the hospital chose Internet Software Sciences Web+Center due to its rich feature set and reasonable cost. With Active Directory integration and auto logons our users have no trouble setting up a case when they have problems and things get done when they should thanks to case auto escalation.

Author Information:
Thomas M. LeTourneau
Network Coordinator
Virgina Regional Medical Center
Virgina, MN 55792
(218) 741-3340