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Newsletter 10: Web+Center User Spotlights: Ohio Physicians Info. Network; HRorg. Web+Center User Spotlight: Ohio Physicians Information Network & HRorg Corporation

Web+Center User Spotlight – Ohio Physicians Information Network (OHPIN)

by Keith Nestor,
Information Systems Director

On February 14, 2000, I started as the network administrator for a group of physicians that created a network utilizing Centricity Physician Office Practice Management and Microsoft Office products. The users previously used a text based system, and did not previously have email capabilities. I knew that I was in for a challenge and would need a way to track and maintain support requests in a manner that was easy for the end user and for myself. I did quite a bit of research into the programs available, and I discovered Web+Center. They had an online demo that allowed me to get an immediate feel for the program, and they offer the program for no cost for up to 3 technicians. I downloaded and installed the program and it was almost a perfect fit out of the box. I discovered how easy it was to modify certain aspects of the program to fit our needs, and each new release has made modifications more GUI based. Our users can now go to a web page and submit and track their own cases, without having to pick up the phone. Because of the network integration features, users do not need to log into this program. Their network account is their login. Managers can track and update their staff’s cases also. Attachments can be uploaded to cases as needed, and we utilize the schedule feature to communicate internally about cases.

We have had the honor of being beta testers for the 5.0 release and feel that this is the best yet with so many great features available. Working with Internet Software Sciences has been a pleasure. They truly care about their end users and listen and integrate customer suggestions into their product. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a complete suite of helpdesk products.

Web+Center User Spotlight – Web+Center Linux User HRorg Corporation

by Melinda Mezo
VP of Business Development
Calgary, Alberta Canada


HRorg Corporation ( is a leading Application Service Provider (ASP) serving to provide independent professionals and small to medium businesses with the most comprehensive and cost effective, HR management tool available. It has the automation and workflow that organizations need and demand in today’s challenging work environment.

By using HRorg’s Self-Service solution MyHR, we become a seamless extension of your HR department by providing a simple and easy online application where by employees and managers can easily take care of all of the HR administrative and management needs. Accessible anytime, anywhere enabling administrators, managers and employees to view and interact with their data as it stands in a moment. We take care of it all from the implementation, user orientation, live support and regular maintenance. We focus on excellence and solid customer service.

HRorg Corporation describes how they use our services:

We are using Internet Software Sciences’ Web Center application to manage our customer support center. We will be logging all calls and emails received by our customer support in the Tech Center and will also provide our clients access to the Customer Center to submit inquiries and bugs. We will also be housing client and contact information in the Business Center portion of the application.

We plan to use the Tech Center to manage our customer support issues within a structured process to ensure that all issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. Every call or email that is received will be created as a case so that we may track the type and volume of calls to the customer support center.

We choose on WebCenter 5.0 Beta on RedHat Linux to elevate our already existing open source application infrastructure. WebCenter on linux requires MySQL as a database and Sun Java System Web Server 6.0. WebCenter 5.0 Beta’s performance is a lot better than its predecessor on Linux.

Web+Center software updates and the Web+Center Version Server

Internet Software Sciences has integrated into the Web+Center product some special tools for finding and downloading software updates for the Web+Center application.

Method 1
One method of finding newly released Web+Center modules is included on the Web+Center documentation home page which is installed with each Web+Center installation by going to the URL of:

    Where “localhost” is the name of your machine or IP address or Domain name.

Method 2
To obtain the latest software files for each of the application virtual directories of tech50, customer50, business50, pocket50, and language50, launch the “CheckVersions.asp” script located in each of the Web+Center directories like:

  • For Tech+Center files use:
  • For Customer+Center files use:
  • For Pocket+Center files use:
  • For Business+Center files use:
  • For Language Directory files use:
    http://localhost/language50/CheckVersions.aspReplace “localhost” with the name of your machine or IP address or Domain name as needed. 
    ** NOTE: This CheckVersions.asp script may not work on all versions if certain Anti-virus script blocking options are enabled.

Recommended File Upgrade procedures
If you determine you need to upgrade a file, first save your current file by renaming the file with a “.old” extension. Then download the new file and replace your current file with the latest version. Confirm the file’s operation if possible.