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Internet Collaborative Tools For Mankind.

Internet Software Sciences creates more than just Help Desk products and services.  Since 2014, we have been developing a set of web-based collaborative tools for mankind.. tools that help make the world a better place.    With our years of experience in building web and mobile applications, our wealth of open source web-based application code base to quickly create new applications  and our desired to create community through collaborative apps, we started building what we now refer to Internet Collaborative Tools For Mankind.

We invite your explore and engage and continue to enhance our set of tools with your input and support.


Neighborhood Share Network ( This collaborative mobile application allows neighbors to build a graphical catalog of items they wish to share with their neighbors and friends.  Start sharing and make a friend!





Internet Service Mapper ( – This simple collaborative application allow neighbors and businesses to share and list their Internet Services they currently use, previous services and future desired services.   Provides extremely valuable information to persons seeking location dependent Internet Service options.



TXTer – (

Web-based TXTing – A hybrid SMS and web-based TXTing application