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Do it yourself (DIY) help desk with Web+Center.

Do it yourself (DIY) help desk!


Why not build your own help desk?

The other day I was thinking about what makes the Web+Center product unique from most other help desk products on the market. One of the unique features of the software is our basic nuts and bolts approach to our architecture and design.  Solid, tested, transparent, easy to debug, established programming language and database technologies. are the types of parts you need when building your own help desk application.  Just like any DIY program, you start with a set of parts and assemble them to build your own unique system.  The Web+Center help desk has been designed and implemented with the DIY “I want to change it and build it ” mentally from its inception.

Architecture Design Overview:

The application is written is Visual Basic ASP (classic ASP now) with connections to a solid back-end database engine of SQL*Server or Access.
Development, customizations, and debugging is fast and efficient.

Our help desk software runs “out of the box”, but for those DIY techy types that wish to build their ultimate help desk solution, we have the ultimate tool kit for you! The application is rich is with ready made components for customer and case, and asset databases and even mobile and smart phone code to make your DIY helpful mobile enabled too. Nothing is hidden, and it’s even documented in the programmers guide!

DIY types like to do things in in-expensive ways. With Web+Center’s FREE 2 tech license key, it’s like going to the hardware store for supplies and it’s free.  If you need to use your DIY help desk with more than two techs, you can license additional perpetual license keys for as little as $300 for the 3rd tech.

If you have questions on how to start your own DIY help desk project, call or contact us and we will help to get your started.

Why wait!  Download 100% of the source code today with the full , free version of the software to start your DIY help desk!