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In October 2012, we moved our entire Internet Software Sciences company website to a new WordPress using a WP theme from Elogix.

If you find any issues with our new site or have questions or concerns, please contact Internet Software Sciences webmaster at

The successful WordPress site redesign was perform by  a group of three consultants who each have expertise in the required areas site architecture to engineering to content and messaging:

  • Tom Ransom, from One Big Idea, a word press expert/consultant provided us with options outlining our initial Word Press Theme choices and technologies and later helped with  detailed customizations and implementation options for our new WP site.
  • Mary Gospe, from KickStart Alliance, provided messaging, marketing leadership and building content and consistency into our web site offering
  • Cynthia Berg, our backend database web consultant, worked on integrating our automated download and sales/contact management system into the new WP site.

We hope you enjoy the new website redesign.  One of the features of the new site is it’s ability to be easily browsed on mobile and tablet type devices.  Let us know if you find any compatibility issues while viewing the new site on any browser.

During our website redesign project, we were able to leverage some of our technology experiences of integrating Word Press and our Help Desk Web+Center product.  We will be soon be releasing an upgraded version of our Web+Center product that enables users to easily integrate your Web+Center help desk into in a Word Press site.   Contact ISS if you need additional information on integrating Web+Center into your WP site.

If for some reason you need to reference the old site, it will be accessible through a direct IP address for  a limited period of time.

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