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Version 10 Beta Testers Needed!.

Upgrade to V10 (Beta)  and New system Testers Needed!

Are you currently running a production Web+Center Version system and wish to participate in our V10(Beta) test program that includes upgrading your current data into Version 10.0?  Are you interested in downloading a new Version 10.0 Beta and install and test on your own servers?  Do you want to test Version on in our Version 10.0 online sandbox?

We understand the importance of the stability and reliability of your Web+Center Help Desk System and perform sufficient testing of the new software for both new installs and system upgrades before we mark the software as “production”.  We need your help to qualify the software for this next release.

For this V10 BETA test scenario, we are looking for a few  Web+Center production users who are willing to create a separate V10 installation in their local environments and copy and upgrade their data for test purposes only.  This V10 beta installation can only be used for testing at this point and it CAN NOT be used for daily  help desk ticketing on their production systems. 

V10 Beta testers will have special access to our development and engineering resources when they participate in this beta test program so it can be beneficial to participate for your organization or business.

To apply for the V10 BETA upgrade test program, please send an email to with your contact information.  We will be needing users that use SQL*Server as the backend database and also users that run Web+Center with an ACCESS backend database.

Test V10 BETA  on-line:

We are continuing to ask customers to test and give feedback on V10 version testing by either testing on-line or downloading and installing V10 BETA.  Please provide any feedback in email to with subject line: V10 Beta Testing

Test On-line:

  Complete V10 Beta Sandbox testing is available too for testing all of the V9 features and applications.

Feel free to contact Internet Software Sciences directly at or 1-(650) 949-0942 if you have ideas, questions or issues concerning this topic or other features and customizations for your own systems.