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Web+Center Features. Open source, web-based software for IT help desk, customer support, asset tracking & facilities management.

Feature Details
Free and affordable Free for 2 techs; licenses for 3 techs and over start at $300
Email-to-Case feature Support cases can be automatically created from emails
Open Source 100% of the software source provided for customization options
Comprehensive help desk Complete technician help desk application to track and manage support cases
Asset tracking/management Complete asset management with options for importing, tracking, reporting, exporting; integration with help desk tickets
Email notifications Automatic customer and tech email notification messages
Knowledge base Includes keyword or category search options
Frequently Asked Questions Easily create FAQ articles for customers based on support cases
Optional A/D customer login methods Multiple customer login method including integrated Active Directory logins
Designed to be integrated with your website Options to integrate your headers and footers into the customer portal or to integrate into Word Press sites
Project management Includes cost projections, notifications and case management
Case scheduling and routing options Various case scheduling and process configuration options
Customer management tools Complete searchable customer/contact database with logged notes, additional fields and user categories
Reports Numerous reports for effective case and time accounting management
Attach files Customers or technicians can upload files and attach them to support cases
Industry standard backend database support SQL*Server or MS Access support
Browsers Almost any web browser on PC, MAC, or iPhone is supported
Required hosting platform Runs on any Windows-based OS from XP Pro to 2008 Server
Auto escalation for support cases Cases are automatically escalated with notification after set time periods
Local language configurable All form label prompts are designed to be customized for your specific requirements
Customer surveys Automated customer surveys and reporting features
Calendar/schedulers Built in calendar/work scheduler for associated cases with integration to Outlook
Time spent reports and invoice reports Integrated time spent accounting, reporting and invoicing functions
Complete invoicing/quote accounting system Time spent billing
Reservation system Reservation system for any asset or resource including LCD projectors, laptops, conference rooms or vehicle fleets
Integrated Remote Control options Perform remote desktop with integrated remote control tool
Smart phone support Technician applications designed specifically for smart phones web browsers